Friday, December 23, 2005

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tea leaves probably

Creativity is a revelation, intuition is a knowing. If we are 'omni-everything' then presumably creativity reveals that which was known and intuition reveals that which is true. So maybe they are the same thing.

I recon they both come from the same source; our 'selfness' that colapses probabilities and then reads them like tea leaves and calls them life.

So what's it like to be pure probability? Very uncertain probably.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The guilty cave dweller

Guilt serves no one. I have always believed that. Remorse on the other hand is a useful trait in evolution, it helps guide what is socially useful and what is not. But what's the difference? Is guilt when you agonise for days, feeling bad that you have done something, while remorse is, oh I wish I handn't done that. In that case guilt comes from some moral code, while remorse is expressing a desire for a time machine.

Did cavemen (sorry, gender non-specific, religiosly neutral, shelter dwelling humans) feel guilt? "Sorry Urgg, I feel really bad I bashed you with me club, nicked yer bison and dragged your woman into me cave for a shag." Or did they feel remorse, "Uh, I shoulda listened when Urg said I couldn't take down a woolly mamoth by meself. Now I got a rather large hole in me guts... Wish I had a time machine."

I suspect it is the former dear readers, because gender non-specific, religiosly neutral, shelter dwelling humans didn't have time machines.

A God without choices

Perhaps in that moment of creation, however it happened, the 'universe' was an inevitable self expression of God.

Suggestions that God should or should not interfere in our lives are meaningless if you consider the possibility that all possible event permutations already exist. Choice becomes meaningless when you have to express a preference for one grain of sand on an infinite beach.

Perhaps all of creation is not so much a cosmic experiment with God actively partaking, but rather an act of 'Goddish' (sorry) self discovery. After all, the sum total of everything cannot know itself, unless it hides from itself.

I find myself entangled in some string and must go for now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A mind provoked

When I think about who is doing the thinking, apart from doing my head in, it also makes me wonder how the thinker and the observer of the thoughts could possibly be separate. Many extol the virtues of meditating, to the point where you can observe your own mind as if it were a separate thing or a tool. Like "Ohhh look at that lovely hammer on the bench, that I have decided not to use..." and as a consequence they claim the mind quietens.

However! (great revalatory moment...., at least in my mind, or is it my mind? Which bit is me anyway?) However! Surely if the mind is quietening as a result of me observing it and allowing the thoughts to just 'be' then I am not sepaprate from it, because I have a causal or at least influential effect on it.

I recon the mind is both this wacky thought generating construct and the seat of some subtler self actualising thingo (that's latin for lost for words). Kinda like Jung's collective unconcious or Freuds Id (but without the extreem psychotic impulses, because my mother locked me in a cupboard for 27 years).

No. I don't want to talk about it.